Monday, June 23, 2008

WTC - demolition - the real proof UNSEEN before

Listen to the Bombs

1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! DO u know what happened?WATCH!
Missing 2.3 Trillion dollars.

World Exclusive: WTC7 Survivor Barry Jennings Account

World Trade Center Attack Confirmation in 1996
Does Hollywood often fore warn us?


Seeker said...

I have been aware of major inconsistencies with the events leading up to, during, and following the September 11th attacks. I will admit that I do not have a lot of knowledge of the arguments that our government was behind the attacks, however, it is my belief that the absolute highest levels of our government either orchestrated or had prior information on the attacks and that any attempt to discern the true details of the event would be fruitless as a result of multi-layered cover ups and the strategic use of disinformation. I applaud any who attempt to enlighten the population that there was far more information about 9/11 than was released. The only piece of evidence that I need to confirm my suspicions is the video footage of the actual collapse of the towers. I would challenge anyone to find an expert in building demolition that could argue that the towers collapsed due to the impact and subsequent fires. Buildings simply do not naturally collapse in an ordered implosion due to a catastrophic event. Implosions of the caliber witnessed on 9/11 of all three trade center buildings are a text book example of planned demolition. We know that the actual planning of a demolition can take weeks and months to complete, even without the scrutiny that results from insurance and government regulations. So that leaves us with two possibilities. One, either as some type of morbid fail safe some buildings are pre-fitted with explosives for whatever reason or the towers were fitted with these explosives in the days or weeks prior to 9/11. Either way, there should be no doubt that the World Trade Center towers' smooth and controlled demolition before the eyes of the world was a blatant lie. Things happened on that day that we may never fully understand but one thing we can and should understand completely is the readiness of the United States Government to deceive the American people and the World.

Vigilance is nothing without preparation.

Jason said...

You are leaving out one thing. Gravity. The immense weight of the building, unless acted on by an outside force, would fall STRAIGHT DOWN. This is what happened. Whe a building collapses, say, due to a natural disaster, it does not fall straight down because some part of the building is still supporting the part of the building above it. The part that is structurally compromised would buckle, and then the building would take the path of least resistance, and fall laterally. It is like a person trying to balance on one foot without shifting his weight over the foot that is on the ground. Try it. You will fall sideways, too. All this stuff about 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash. You liberals just want to whine about Bush. Well, you will see that Mr. Obama is not any better at ALL. In fact, way more corrupt and disingenuous than any politician before him.