Friday, June 29, 2007

Festival for the Eno

I wanted to remind everyone about the "Festival for the Eno"
July 4, 7 & 8
This is an art and music festival.
Lots of fun, and a great opportunity to spread the word about 911.
The downtown Durham Public Library has been reserved for
Thursday July 12 at 6pm
so we can have a follow up presentation.

I hope we as a group can get behind this and do what we can to spread the word
and awaken as many as we can.
We will work with the people at the "Impeach Bush" booth.
They said they would be willing to hold some supplies for us.
We will get some flyers to their booth if you want to pick some up

Bush Directive for a "Catastrophic Emergency" in America: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran?
"Another [9/11 type terrorist] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity that is lacking today to retaliate against some known targets" (Statement by Pentagon official, leaked to the Washington Post, 23 April 2006)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"A Rabbit Hole a Day Keeps the Mind Control Away!"

If you have been following the events surrounding 911 you have quite probably been down several "rabbit holes". What you may have been uncovering can be quite frightening. It is important to learn what the truth is because " The Truth will set you Free"

'Military plan against Iran is ready'

Predicting that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon within three years and claiming to have a strike plan in place, senior American military officers have told The Jerusalem Post they support President George W. Bush's stance to do everything necessary to stop the Islamic Republic's race for nuclear power.
Bush has repeatedly said the United States would not allow Iran to "go nuclear."

Is US Military Command
Being Readied For Iran Attack?
Using the old tactic of releasing controversial news just before the weekend in the hope minimising attention as people set off to enjoy a weekend break, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Friday afternoon that "he will advise President Bush to replace Marine Corps Gen. Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” The reason? According to Gates he feared that a contentious renomination hearing in the Senate would focus too heavily on six years of war. "I have decided that at this moment in our history, the nation, our men and women in uniform, and Gen. Pace himself would not be well-served by a divisive ordeal in selecting the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," said Gates. Apparently President Bush took Gate’s advice.

The Pentagon shakeup, tough talk on Iran, and....look everybody, it's Paris Hilton!
The Web is buzzing tonight with new tough talk on Iran and a possible attack by the United States and/or Israel. The latest bombshell, so to speak, comes from the Jerusalem Post and is highlighted on the Drudge Report:
A high-ranking American military officer told the Post that senior officers in the US armed forces had thrown their support behind Bush and believed that additional steps needed to be taken to stop Iran.