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Christmas and the Bomb?

The Pentagon has announced plans to move additional warships and strike aircraft into the Persian Gulf region to be within striking range of Iran. The aircraft carrier Eisenhower and its strike group entered the Persian Gulf on Dec. 11. Another aircraft carrier, the Stennis, is expected to depart for the Gulf within the next month.
Scott Ritter sees parallels to the invasion of Iraq: "We have told the Iranians it is their responsibility to prove to the international community beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no nuclear weapons program in Iran. How can you prove a negative?"
Another parallel is the brutal Christmas Bombing of North Vietnam by Richard Nixon in 1972. James Carroll described it as "a final venting of frustration and rage by a superpower faced with ignominious defeat." Will Bush bomb Iran out of frustration with failing to "win" in Iraq?
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Parallels between 9/11 and New Orleans 2005
Brasscheck TV: 9/11 and New Orleans: Ominous Parallels

I'm surprised so few people see the parallels between 9/11 and New Orleans 2005. Here are nine similarities that come to mind right away:
1. Warnings from a highly sophisticated tracking and early
warning system were ignored by government officials In the case of 9/11, NSA intercepts, FBI investigative reports and radar imagery were ignored. In the case of New Orleans, meteorological data which predicted the severity of the storm was actively ignored by the government
2. An expensive system which was designed to protect citizens failed catastrophically In the case of 9/11, the air defence system designed and maintained at a lifetime cost exceeding one trillion dollars failed. In the case of New Orleans, levees COLLAPSED ("topping" was never more than a minor problem for the city.)
3. Nothing was done to mitigate the effects of the catastrophe In the case of 9/11, fighter jets sat on the ground and were even ordered to stay away when in the air. In the case of New Orleans, nothing was done to evacuate people without cars or even clearly inform people that an evacuation was necessary.
4. Immediately after both incidents, the government claimed that no one could have predicted it In fact, in both cases numerous detailed government studies predicted the very thing that happened.
5. Relief efforts were non-existent In the case of 9/11, there was no plan on the books to deal with the need for a mass evacuation from Manhattan. It was only a spontaneous armada of private ships directed by a local mariner that saved the day. Over 500,000 were evacuated from Manhattan in less than 12 hours. In the case of New Orleans, not only did the government not provide relief efforts, it also actively interfered with them. The non-relief efforts extended for days - even weeks and months after the incident.
6. The "solution" to the problem involved glorifying military might and removing traditional legal limits on its use 9/11 became the justification for a series of illegal and pointlessly vicious wars that have resulted in the death of well over 600,000 innocent civilians. New Orleans has become the justification to use military force in the US any time without traditional legal restraints.
7. The victims continue to suffer - largely untreated - in spite of billions of dollars spent "to help" In the case of 9/11, first responders and relief workers are dying of lung and other ailments and are being refused help with their medical expenses. In the case of New Orleans, the list of government malfeasance is almost too long to cite, but one glaring example is that the working poor, who bore the brunt of the catastrophe, are being victimized again as storm damage is being used as an excuse to bulldoze public housing.
8. The exact cause of the system collapse that made the catastrophe possible is still not clear In the case of 9/11, the "official" engineering report as to why the towers collapsed simply does not make physical sense. In the case of New Orleans, many residents say they heard explosions that preceded several of the levee collapses. The AP reported a "shoot out" in the vicinity of one of the levees which collapsed. The story was pulled and never run again. At the time, there was no looting reported anywhere in the city and this area was completely free of looting. (It's kind of hard to loot a levee.)
9. Both catastrophes have proven to be massive financial windfalls for contractors who are allied with the Bush White House Final observation: 9/11 became the justification for a massive oil grab in Iraq. Did you know there is oil and gas under the ground in many of the New Orleans area communities that were devastated by the levee failures? Previously, drilling for oil and gas in these areas was unthinkable because they were so densely populated. Now, oil and gas drilling are already getting fast tracked in St. Bernard's Parish. More to come I'm sure.... - Brasscheck Visit for videos about:
* The Iraq War * The Middle East * Election Fraud in the US * The criminal enterprise known as the Bush Family * New Orleans and much more...
Has it occurred to anyone that what is happening in Iraq is exactly what this Cabal had planed to happen. Civil War. This Government never intended for there to be an orderly government in Iraq. That would not be conducive to controlling OUR OIL that happens to be in their country. Our special forces blew up Masques and set the people against each other. Interesting that you have not heard a word about the oil fields. You can bet that they are secure. Bush now wants to bring in more troops; We are going to escalate, but not to bring order, but to widen this war. There will come another "False Flag" operation here in this country and blamed on Iran to give excuse to attack. Oh but you say we don't have the military power? This time it could very well be nuclear.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Debunking 911 Myths?

A brutal purge of the senior staff at Popular Mechanics preceded the publication of last month's scandalous propaganda piece about 9/11. Pulling the strings is the grand dame of Hearst Magazines and behind the scene is her obscure husband a veteran propaganda expert and former special assistant to the director of the C.I.A.The Reichstag fire, a key event in German history, and the steps that followed en suite leading to the Nazi dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, provide remarkable precedents for what occurred in the United States on 9/11 and since.The fire that consumed the German parliament building on the night of February 27, 1933, is "widely believed," according to Encyclopedia Britannica, to have been contrived by the newly formed Nazi government to turn public opinion against its opponents and allow it to assume emergency powers.The day after the burning of the Reichstag, the government headed by Adolf Hitler enacted a decree "for the Protection of the People and the State." Hitler's emergency decree dispensed with all constitutional protection of political, personal, and property rights.Likewise, a month after 9/11 the U.S. Congress passed, without even reading, similar emergency legislation: the Bush administration's USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. The pre-prepared massive security act's long title is "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism."Within a month of the Reichstag fire, on March 23, 1933, the parliament passed the Enabling Act, whereby its legislative powers were transferred to Hitler's Reich Cabinet. This act, passed by a vote of 444 to 94, legally sanctioned the Nazi dictatorship,Another parallel is seen in the way George W. Bush and Hitler came to power. Bush obtained the presidency in 2001 through a Supreme Court decision after a flawed and un-counted election, while Hitler secured the German chancellorship through elections in November 1932 in which the Nazi Party failed to win an outright majority.Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is thought to have let arsonists into the parliament building through a tunnel leading from the official residence of Hermann Goring, Reichstag president and Hitler's chief minister. Goring then presided over the official investigation, which blamed the communists. In a similar manner, the Bush administration openly opposed an independent investigation of 9/11 and fixed blame on Osama Bin Laden and 19 Arab terrorists. Based on this official, but unproven, explanation for 9/11 the United States has invaded and occupied two Middle Eastern nations."DISINFORMATION AND DECEPTION""Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is disinformation and deception," Andreas von Bulow, former parliamentary official responsible for the budget for Germany's intelligence agencies, told American Free Press in December 2001.Like Nazi Germany of 1933, American newsstands today carry a mainstream magazine dedicated to pushing the government's "truth" of 9/11 while viciously smearing independent researchers as "extremists" who "peddle fantasies" and make "poisonous claims."The magazine pushing the government's 9/11 propaganda, Popular Mechanics (PM), is published by the Hearst family. Its March cover story, "Debunking 9/11 Lies," has been exposed by credible researchers to contain numerous distortions and flawed conclusions.American Free Press revealed that Benjamin Chertoff, the 25-year-old "senior researcher" who authored the 9/11 article, is related to Michael Chertoff, the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The PM article illustrates how a propaganda method, used by dictatorships, is now being employed by the U.S. government: controlling mainstream media outlets to promote its version of 9/11.The actions of Michael Chertoff concerning the events of 9/11, the non-investigation that followed, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the propaganda being disseminated in PM, are strikingly similar to actions attributed to the Nazi ministers Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goring.While Chertoff is the "czar" of DHS, he is not sovereign at PM or Hearst Magazines, its corporate parent. The president of Hearst Magazines, one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines with 18 U.S. titles and more than 100 international editions, is Cathleen P. Black, a 60-year old native of Chicago. Black oversees the publication of 175 titles around the world including Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, and Popular Mechanics.Black is a former president and publisher of USA Today. In 1983, Black was made president of the new newspaper published by Gannett. The following year she was made publisher and soon became a member of Gannett's board of directors."Despite her efforts," her biography reads, "USA Today did not show an operating profit in the eight years that Black was there." The newspaper's non-profitability notwithstanding, Gannett paid Black $600,000 a year for her efforts. USA Today reportedly had a circulation of 1.8 million when Black left in 1991. USA Today is often given away free of charge.Black left USA Today to become president and chief executive of the nascent Newspaper Association of America (NAA), formed on June 1, 1992. She then became the leading spokesperson and lobbyist for the nation's newspaper industry. Black's position at the NAA carried "considerable political heft," Paul Farhi of The Washington Post wrote, "given that the 1,400 members of her organization control the nation's editorial pages."In 1995, for an annual salary reported to be "in excess of $1 million," Black was hired by Hearst Corp. to head its magazine division.Named by Fortune magazine as one of the Most Powerful Women in American Business, Black sits on the boards of Hearst Corp., the Advertising Council, IBM, and Coca-Cola. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.It is often said that USA Today is controlled by the CIA, which, like the paper, is based in McLean, Virginia. The little-known fact that Black is married to Thomas E. Harvey, an obscure lawyer who became a White House Fellow in 1977 and served as "special assistant' to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), provides substance to these rumors. Black's corporate biography does not mention her husband.President Jimmy Carter made Harvey a White House Fellow in May 1977. "In that capacity," Harvey's biography reads, he "served as special assistant to the Director of the C.I.A. Following that he held senior appointed positions within the Department of Defense."The DCI at the time was Stansfield Turner, who had replaced George H.W. Bush.Prior to serving the CIA, Harvey worked at the New York law office of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. The international law firm, co-founded by Morris Hadley, a 1916 member of Yale University's secret society Skull & Bones, has ties to the CIA and lists William H. Webster, DCI from 1987-1991, as a senior partner. Webster also serves on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.In the 1980s, Harvey served as General Counsel and Congressional Liaison of the U.S. Information Agency, the former external propaganda arm of the U.S. government. Harvey also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Army and Navy. In 1992, Harvey was personnel director for the Bush-Quayle '92 Campaign. Calls to the offices of Black and Harvey for the purpose of this article went unanswered.THE COUP AT POPULAR MECHANICSIn the months leading up to the Chertoff article in PM, a brutal take-over occurred at the magazine. In September 2004, Joe Oldham, the magazine's former editor-in-chief was replaced by James B. Meigs, who came to PM with a "deputy," Jerry Beilinson, from National Geographic Adventure. In October, a new creative director replaced PM's 21-year veteran who was given ninety minutes to clear out of his office.A former senior editor at PM, who is forbidden from openly discussing the coup at PM, told AFP that the former creative director was abruptly told to leave and given severance pay of two weeks wages for every year spent at PM. "Three or four" people have been similarly dismissed every month since, he said. He said he was astounded that the coup at PM had not been reported in the mainstream media.PM has long been a supporter of the U.S. military. The magazine ran a full page ad in support of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in May 2003. Since the purge last September, however, PM readers have noticed that government propaganda has replaced scientific writing. A letter to the editor in the current issue says, "I think you guys are just another tool in the government's propaganda machine."

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Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11

Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11 Follows in footsteps of David Lynch on same day
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison PlanetWednesday, December 6, 2006
Actor James Brolin, the husband of Barbara Streisand, has today become the latest celebrity figure to publicly question the official story behind 9/11, after he encouraged viewers of a top rated ABC talk show to check out a 9/11 truth website.

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Olbermann on Gingrich's free speech remarks