Monday, June 16, 2008

Fear Mongers talking about Nuking an American City

Because Git-Mo detainees are being given due process, Newt Gingrich has predicted that an American city will be blown up by "terrorists" associated with the "Axis of Evil"countries. He says that there were bomb-making plans that were destroyed in Switzerland, which would explain how countries with no(or very primitive) nuclear technology could build the device that will almost definitely interrupt the 2008 election.

I believe this is part of the plan to suspend the election by inflicting another false flag opperation.

Indict Bush for Murder

US media refuses to publish or report this story Vincent Bugliosi has written three New York Times #1 best sellers. He has also had twenty-one successful murder prosecutions. He believes beyond any shadow of a doubt that George W. Bush can be, and should be, indicted for the crime of murder for the death of over 4,000 US servicemen.In spite of his sterling reputation and his undeniable success as an author no US publisher would issue his book and he has been largely ignored by the US news media.A fascinating interview with Alex Jones.


Anonymous said...

Love the artwork; kind of says it all. I was not aware of this interview, so a million thanks for keeping me/us more informed.

It is still so hard to believe that people listen to and buy their propaganda. They just can't hardly wait to take over as they can hardly contain themselves about it.

God knows their every move before they make it and He is in control, so no worries, mate; our God reigns and their plans will be cut short...then destroyed forever and ever.

I am thankful that you never grow weary and keep fighting the good fight.

with love,
faithful forever

Anonymous said...

The punchline to the "Bomb Plans" is that any dork with a computer can Google and find bomb-making plans. BTW did Newt actually say what kind of bomb or did he just say "Bomb-Making plans"? there are a lot of bomb types out there, very few are nuclear - However, Newt using the bomb plans line in the same breath as nuclear works pretty well - just like Iraq and 9/11......