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Knowledge is Power -Spreading the Word the World Over

This is an excellent new 911 film in German with English subtitles
Done by Nuoviso
Know anyone in Germany?

Israel's Influence on US Foreign Policy
Former U.S. Marine Corps officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter talks about the unique influence that the Israel war lobby has on the U.S. news media and U.S. foreign policy.


False Flag Prospects, 2008 -- Top Three US Target CitiesBy Captain Eric H. May - Military Correspondent

February 20, 2008 at 13:53:26
BREAKING 9/11 NEWS: FBI Says Barbara Olsen Did Not Call Ted Olsen. Bush Solicitor General LIED !!

European Parliament screened the 911 film ‘Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11’ on February 26th.
See trailer here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crexHTut23c

Report on Brussels Presentation from Dr Eric Beeth

Yesterday evening I attended the Film + debate evening organized by the Euro-Parliamentarian Giulietto Chiesa, together with Yukihisa Fujita, David Ray Griffin and the makers (Paolo Jormi Bianchi, Thomas Torelli, Francesco Trento and Franco Fracassi) of the documentary film “ZERO – An Investigation into 911”
Trailer: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=crexHTut23c
Excellent movie, produced thanks to an enormous investment of time and money by the film-makers, and out of pocket donations from a very large number of citizens wanting the truth to shine forth. It deserves a wide distribution, hopefully also to a world-wide television audience.
It complements NuoViso.de’s “Unter Falscher Flagge”, which can already be seen on google-video with English sub-titles. The film “Zero” interviews many military and intelligence experts, some who I had not been listening to before. A highlight of the film is the wonderfully happy face of Dario Fo (1997 Italian Nobel Prize winner in Literature) who through-out the movie comments on certain known facts with his logic that should be grasped by the humanity loving child within each of us.
German "Unter Falscher Flagge" with English subtitles: http://nuoviso.com/movieDetail_911falseflag.htm
We all have way enough proof that the whole “Al-Qaeda” hype and “War on Terror” is a fraud. We must not tolerate these “McCain-like” synthetic-terror-mongering false paradigm messages in our media. It is long overdue that we speak out as citizens, and not only in internet forums. For example, we can picket the media during “11th of the month” actions.
Yukihisa Fujita stressed the importance to continue to increase the political and cultural weight of the growing amount of credible allegations by responsible people in all walks of society. Although the US State department is irritated that European media and political institutions are more and more deeply questioning the “OFFICIAL MYTHformation” of the “War on Terror”, in the end, the US will be most inclined to change its ways only when the American people themselves inform themselves better on the full depth of the criminality and “false flag” deception of its current rogue administration. This is something that will not magically disappear by electing an “Obama”. The whole media and political institution needs a full renewal before it again can deserve the trust of us American citizens.
Mr. Fujita: January 11, 2008 Japanese Parliament, Questioning the official “story” - http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=7t-dZiNE9NI
Ever since this “New American Century” “crazy” – Zelikow-parallel-universe-type neo-con administration stole the elections in 2000, we have had a systematic erosion of trust that could formerly be placed in the government’s alphabet list of institutions. The media has showed itself complicit in creating the “Terror” paradigm, which has turned out to be a P2OG government lie.
Every one of the complicit politicians and media people should be identified on a an internet site, with links to their incriminating stupidity that has led our formerly great country to become the currently most rogue danger to world peace and civilized life as we know it. If they would like to be taken off that list of shame, they would have to engage in actions that repair the horrible damage that they have done. If we start this quickly, and mobilize on many different levels, we will hopefully restore democracy in America, and our dignity as individuals, and as a nation.
We should also let ALL the presidential candidates know that the US people cannot trust any Candidate who refuses to come clean from the government lies surrounding 9/11, the ensuing government created climate of terror, and unprecedented lack of accountability and transparency of the executive, FEMA, private armies like Black-Water and MPRInc.
These were my own reflections this evening. The debate held in the European Parliament touched on several different issues, with soft spoken authorative David Ray Griffin being his usual brilliant self. His seventh book “911 Contradictions, an open letter to the Congress and the Press” is due out soon, but he has yet to be received for a serious review by any of the US large newspapers. Write to your papers to complain about this!
Yukihisa Fujita came across as a humanitarian, who had come across the extent of the deception with horror, and compassion for the people suffering in Afghanistan and Iraq. To him, we the citizens hold the upper hand, since we have the truth and the consciousness of the people on our side.
Watching these internet 911-truth movies is a good way to catch up from the empty-headed ridiculous mythformation we have been served out of the media owned by corporate and military companies, but it is not enough. We must graduate out from internet, and bring critical reasoning back to our universities, printed press, television, theatres and political institutions.
Thank-you all, for sharing your thoughts, insights and creative work on these forums; like M. Fujita says, they can say and do all they want, this movement will still hold the upper hand!

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