Sunday, February 03, 2008

9/11 Commission's Report, Truth Coming Out Pt.2

Who is Philip Zelikow?

Zelikow was the executive director of the 911 Commission.

Translation – He’s the guy who told the commissioners who would be interviewed, what questions would be asked, what evidence would be allowed and examined. He is the reason, for example, as to why the WTC-7 is not mentioned in the report, or why the Secret Services actions on that morning in Florida were never questioned, or why Norm Mineta’s testimony never made it into the report, or why the money trail was never pursued, and of course, he (and his office) are also the ones who wrote the final report; Kean and Hamilton merely the flunkies who put their names on it.

In a nutshell – Zelikow was Bush/Cheney’s guy on the inside; the guy responsible for establishing the bonifides of the official lies that would be come the official “story”.

Of interest in this video – we find out that Zelikow, in the late 90s, wrote a paper called “Catastrophic Terrorism” (1998), in which he probed the idea of how such an event or events could be used to push an agenda, one that would benefit the powers that be.

The other very interesting point made in this video – Zelikow’s Thesis in college was on “myths” and how to create them, and defend them in the face of facts. That indeed, the official “myth”, doesn’t need to be real, it just needs to be real enough in order to “sell it to a public”; and how much easier this task must have become over the past several decades, given that our once free press is (now) nothing more than a toothless old dog, bought and paid for with a juicy bone.



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Anonymous said...

The truth is slowly being uncovered, but even slower yet is the masses to pay attention to it. It may be that the people who need to hear this are not on the internet and this is the only place to get the cold hard facts. It is such a dilemma, as is the dire situation the whole world faces. While people are entertaining themselves for a break from our tedious, meaningless lives with the super bowl and all its fanfare, communications are being cut in many middle eastern countries.

Why should people concern themselves when their lives are untouched by it all and they are even less informed.

Thank you for your tireless efforts in spreading the truth, in both a secular way and a spiritual way, as you may reach one more from only one perspective. The events of 911 seem to be a pivotal point to understanding the current situation that affects every person in the world. If not today, then it will be soon that many will.

I pray for one more to see the light today because of your dedication. Many blessings - now and forever.

forever faithful