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911 Collapse or Bombs, You decide

America's Number One Collapse Expert Thought WTC Bombed

A man described as "the premiere collapse expert in the country" thought the collapse of the south tower of the WTC was caused by explosives and not jet fuel, before the implosion of the north tower killed him on 9/11.
Deputy Chief Ray Downey, the head of the FDNY's Special Operations Command, was also described by colleagues as "the most knowledgeable person on building collapses there was," and 9/11 Commissioner Timothy Roemer referred to Downey as a "very, very respected expert on building collapse."
According to a World Trade Center Task Force interview with FDNY' Chaplain Father John Delendick, immediately after the collapse of the south tower at 9:59am, Delendick met with Downey below the nearby World Financial Center and asked him if jet fuel had brought about the bizarre and sudden implosion of the building. According to Delendick, Downey "said at that point he thought there were bombs up there because it was too even”.
The weight of Downey's eyewitness testimony and his conclusion that bombs brought down the south tower is of massive significance as we approach the anniversary of 9/11, a date of mourning for Downey's family due to the fact that he was tragically killed later that day following the collapse of the north tower as he tried to help others escape.

Notice the squibs

9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown

Former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue expert witnessed officials attempt to conceal planned nature of demolition
Paul Joseph Watson

Thursday, September 13, 2007
'A 9/11 first responder has gone on the record to describe how he heard a demolition-style countdown precede the collapse of WTC 7, eyewitness testimony that dovetails with other EMTs and rescue personnel who were also told that Building 7 was going to be "brought down".';
A 9/11 first responder has gone on the record to describe how he heard a demolition-style countdown precede the collapse of WTC 7, eyewitness testimony that dovetails with other EMT's and rescue personnel who were also told that Building 7 was going to be "brought down".
Earlier this year, we reported on the testimony of an anonymous EMT named Mike who told Loose Change producer Dylan Avery that hundreds of emergency rescue personnel were told over bullhorns that Building 7, a 47 story skyscraper adjacent the twin towers that was not hit by a plane yet imploded symmetrically later in the afternoon on 9/11, was about to be "pulled" and that a 20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse.
That account was backed up by another ground zero rescue worker who went on the record with her full name. Volunteer EMT Indira Singh described to a radio show how she learned that WTC 7 was going to be "brought down" and the context was clear that it was to be deliberately demolished.
In addition, former NYPD officer Craig Bartmer described hearing bombs tear down the building as he fled the collapse.
Now another ground zero first responder has shed more light on how he heard the countdown moments before attempting to escape the collapse of Building 7 as a stampede ensued.

Poll: US gov't knew about 9/11 attacks
Tue, 11 Sep 2007 22:20:11

A new poll indicates that some 43 percent of Americans believe that Washington knew about the 9/11 attacks but did nothing to stop them. According to the Press TV-Zogby International poll, 42.5 percent of the respondents believed that the Bush Administration knew about the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center but did nothing to prevent the attacks. Only 37.5 percent of the respondents strongly disagreed with the idea and 4.5 percent neither agreed nor disagreed with it. Among the members of the armed forces who participated in the poll nearly 44 percent said that the US government had known about the plans for 9/11 attacks with 37.2 strongly disagreeing with it. The poll also indicates that a majority of Americans (56.3 percent), including the members of US armed forces, support the idea that the Bush Administration used the September 11 attacks as an excuse to push ahead with its own agenda, particularly in the Middle East and only 27.1 percent of respondents disagreed with it. Some 1006 people across the US were questioned by pollsters and the margin of error was +/- 3.2.

If President Bush doesn't make himself dictator it's only because he chooses not to do so, not because he lacks the means.
Indeed, we are all walking the streets today at the pleasure of the two gentlemen in the White House former Nixon counsel John Dean calls "co-presidents"- and whose regime, he warns, is "a dangerous threat to democracy."- (Read Dean's book, "Worse Than Watergate"-, published by Warner).
In fact, though, if anyone is pulling the strings to create a police state, it is Vice President Cheney. The former Halliburton CEO is tied closely both to those creating a private army and to those building massive new detention facilities.
As Charlie Savage wrote in The Boston Globe last November 26, "Cheney bypassed acts of Congress as defense secretary in the first Bush administration. And his office has been the driving force behind the current administration's hoarding of secrets, its efforts to impose greater political control over career officials, and its defiance of a law requiring the government to obtain warrants when wiretapping Americans. Cheney's staff has also been behind President Bush's record number of signing statements asserting his right to disregard laws."-
A chief architect of the "New American Century"- dogma, Cheney is no believer in international covenants. Rather, he thinks nuclear and biological warfare are "options,"- has no qualms about violating Geneva's proscription of torture, and justifies first-strike invasions. In short, Dick Cheney is a man who will stop at nothing.
In running any prison, or any prison state, the Warden has got to control the "three P's"- ---- policy, plant, and personnel --- and the Bush-Cheney White House is rapidly reaching that point with USA.
Concerning policy, our compliant Congress voted Mr. Bush unlimited power to arrest any person on his own say-so. Passage of the Military Commissions bill only provides support "for what the executive branch has already been doing over the past five years,"- writes Tom Head, author of About.Com: Civil Liberties. Head calls it "a terrible bill and should offend anyone who cares about human rights, regardless of party affiliation."-
As for personnel, Naomi Wolf in her book "The End of America"-(Chelsea Green) points to Blackwater USA, of Moycock, N.C., as "the world's largest private security force (that) works closely with Halliburton, and is available for action outside the scrutiny of Congress."-
Wolf writes that, as of fall 2006, Blackwater "was on track to train thirty-five thousand men over the following twelve months."- And she continues, "Blackwater's business model plans increasingly to deploy its unaccountable private army in the U.S.---in the aftermath of natural disasters, and also in cases of "-national emergency.'"-
Bill Mathews, Executive Vice President of Blackwater USA says the 35,000 people trained by Blackwater "were ACTIVE DUTY SERVICEMEN (mostly from the Navy)"- and that his company's "primary business is training the US Military, much the same as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, SAIC or many other government service providers."-Mathews says Blackwater employs "approximately 2,000 people working overseas"- and "Not all of these people are doing security work."- He points out "Some are cooks, trainers, and construction workers."-
He goes on to say: "Blackwater has never done any work for or with KBR. We performed one job which lasted about 60 days for one of their subcontractors in 2004, but never anything else. We don't know any of their management, staff or personnel. We have never bid on one of their contracts. To say that we "-work closely' together is not even close to the truth."-
Mathews continues, "Sherwood, I realize there are people who don't like US veterans (yes, we are ALL US veterans) serving their country in this capacity. We would die defending your right to criticize us"-but I don't think it's too much to ask that you at least do a little research before putting pen to paper."-
(Author's Note: The charge that KBR "works closely"- with Halliburton appears in Ms. Wolf's book, which was quoted verbatim from page 74. The author appreciates Blackwater's response and has reprinted it in its entirety. Nowhere in this article, however, is there any statement by the author, who is a veteran, that he does not like US veterans.)
Halliburton KBR subsidiary got a $385 million Department of Homeland Security(DHS) contract to build new detention facilities, so there's your physical plant or plants in development. KBR's announcement gave no details as to where the prisons would be built or when --- a stunning omission from customary public relations work.
In January of last year, when KBR announced it contract for "temporary detention facilities"--- each of which can hold 5,000 prisoners--- the rationale given was an "immigration emergency." Yet, as Margaret Kimberley noted on ZNet, "Thanks to the Patriot Act and the creation of "enemy combatants' these detention centers can be used to lock up anyone for any reason for any length of time that Uncle Sam wants."
Halliburton, of course, is beholden to Cheney. He is no longer CEO but he is so tied to his former firm he lied to conceal its illegal acts. Cheney told ABC's Sam Donaldson that none of its subsidiaries prior to the invasion did business with Iraq. The firm's Vice Chairman Donald Vaughn later conceded a subsidiary did do just that, Dean writes, and The Washington Post showed Halliburton sold more than $73 million in oil production parts and equipment to Saddam Hussein, making it the Number One offender. Thus, Cheney covers for Halliburton.
Again, is it really possible Bush-Cheney would create a police state in America? The above essay is conjecture, but what are Americans supposed to think when the co-presidents have lowered a Stalinist Iron Curtain of secrecy around their operations and covered it from coast to coast with a web of lies? After having lied the nation into a war of aggression that has killed more than a million human beings, the co-presidents have zero credibility, so why should anyone believe the creation of a private army and secret detention facilities on U.S. soil do not present a clear and present danger to Americans?
In Dec., 2003, U.S. News & World Report issued a special report on administration secrecy, concluding, the Bush-Cheney actions are "a reversal of a decades-long trend of openness in government"- and have "placed large amounts of information out of the reach of ordinary citizens,"- including consumer information that is "critical health and safety information potentially affecting millions of Americans."-
So ask yourself, what kinds of governments revel in secrecy, make illegal wars, lie to their Legislatures and refuse to execute their laws, open their citizens' mail, listen in to their phone conversations, prevent or harass their travels, ban foreign scholars from entering, torture prisoners, violate humanitarian, nuclear and germ warfare treaties, build detention camps and use private armies? You know the answer.

Sherwood Ross has worked in the civil rights movement and as a reporter for major dailies and wire services.

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