Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The History Channel - Truth or Hack Job

Over all I am somewhat pleased with what The History Channel did.
Most people that watch that channel do so because they like to learn and are therefore generally a bit more thinking people than the average.
What the History Channel did for us is to put out the questions that needed to be asked but in their mocking us they never gave us any answers to why the "official story" was sound and our research was not true.
Sadly they employed a very cheep tactic. They would show 911 truthers that were in fact experts like a "Steven Jones, Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer and David Ray Griffin, and label them as Conspiracy Theorists, and then put up their graphic "EXPERT" and show someone who was far less qualified.
They mocked evidence and the film Loose Change, and did not give any reason other than to make an accusation, endeavoring to stand on their prestige as "The History Channel". Therefore we should just believe them. They Never told you that " Popular Mechanics" and "The History Channel" are both owned by Hurst Publications. (although Disney and NBC own part of the History Channel).
I am convinced that this piece can only help spread the truth, because those thinking people that were not already familiar with these things, will look into it and find out the truth based on who really has the evidence. Those that are blind and will not face the truth but rather spread hate and fear, will just continue in their blindness.
A poster in the comments below said this:
It always amazes me how when these shills attack the 911 truthers, they never back it up with any evidence of their reasons for believing the government lies. All they can or seem to want to do is attack the messengers, like we are any less American then they are. How sad will it be for them on that day of Judgment.
Well Said!

Webster Tarpley: "When a Knock is a Boost"

911 Conspiracies: When a Knock is a Boost.
Webster G. Tarpley21 August 2007
Tonight’s History Channel program on 9/11 Conspiracies – Fact or Fiction shows how powerful our movement has become, and how contemptible our opposition is. The deck was stacked, the animations were distorted and fantastic, and the framework was rather nasty, but this was of course NBC News, read GE, which is now a hedge fund in drag. And even NBC News, often the slimiest of the networks, has been forced to pretend to refute numerous factual criticisms of the official story, one by one. I say pretend because most of the refutations were simply blanket denials, with no facts or reasoning beyond mere assertions that the 9/11 truth theses are not true, offend the families, are disgusting, or “corrosive,” and other meaningless verbiage. Some of the attempts at substantive refutation involved dodges and subterfuges that seemed new, at least to me. It sounded like one of their pseudo-experts was arguing that the wings of the alleged airplane at the Pentagon had broken off through hitting objects on the Pentagon lawn. If that was so, where are the wings and the jet engines on that pristine Pentalawn? This pitiful construct is self-contradictory and destroys itself. We also heard that building 7 was hollow at the base, quite an achievement under the New York City building code. The bottom of building 7 was, we now discover, an amphitheater, with no support columns, but only trusses! I guess if your argument is ruptured, then you need a truss. Another pseudo-expert thought that a commercial aircraft could transform itself into an artillery shell or tank round and punch through the Pentagon rings that way, despite the obvious difficulty. CIA man Michael Scheuer says all the evidence points to al Qaeda, but where is all that evidence, Mike? There was none in this program, to be sure. Otherwise, Mike was reduced to some pitiful whining that there are too many decent patriotic people in the CIA – a moot point.

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Anonymous said...

There's only one important question concerning the attacks, did the US gov't allow/participate in 9/11?

The answer to that query would explain the illegal wire-taps, suspension of habeas corpus, banning of books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, detaining of dissenters in fences miles away from events, and multiple wars based on lies.

How can the gov't be innocent in 9/11 when we have caught it lying so many times (WACO, Ruby Ridge, no WMDs, USS Liberty, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, ETC.)?

In law, if you determine a person lies ONCE during his testimony, it can be assumed that he lied in the remainder of his testimony. How come we do not hold the gov't to the same standard as it holds us to?

The gov't lied to us about Iraq and more Americans have died there than in 9/11. If the gov't lied about Iraq then why is everyone so reluctant to believe that the gov't lied about 9/11?

Final link (before Google Books bends to pressure and drops the title):

Living Positive said...

This "History" channel "documentary" that was presented as some kind of "debate" was nothing of the sort.

Even a high school debate team could see how poorly THC's case was presented. Their main "experts" were the editorial staff at "Popular Mechanics" whose explanations of such events as the Twin Towers collapse has been proven to be patently false! The "research" editor appeared first in almost all of the "expert" responses just to say "ridiculous" or "silly" or something else completely unsubstantial.

Besides, when does "Editor in Chief" and "Research editor" make someone an expert in terrorism investigation, building structural integrity and aircraft design? The 9/11 Truth Movement has a whole army of actual experts - see "Scholars for 911 Truth" in the sidebar on the blog main page.

Where was the real evidence to refute the 911 truthers' claims? All that they presented were computer animations that illustrated their "science". If computer generated illustrations defined reality, well, I guess I'll run into Shrek on the street corner next week! And if we started to rely on computer generated crap like that, we could easily be thrown in jail and convicted because someone made a CGI movie of one of us committing a murder - even if it did look like a cartoon!

The fact is that all of the real evidence has been destroyed - except for the photographic and oral evidence that still exists - and the small bit and pieces floating around in the private hands of American Citizens.

My favorite moment - if I could have had one - was when they tried to refute the truthers for saying that a newsman had interviewed an FBI agent in NY during the event - the only thing they had to hold on to was that he was a fireman - they couldn't deny that he had said that he had heard secondary explosions just before the buildings fell.....

If anything, in their attempt to discredit us, they actually helped us - many of the "expert" responses either did not actually address the issue or agreed with the "conspiracy-nuts'" claim.

We should also be aware of the hi-jacking of the word "conspiracy" in this program and any other venue. A conspiracy is when two or more people get together to commit a crime. So, the 19 hijacker story is also a conspiracy theory - with less physical evidence than ours!

This wasn't a house of cards THC had built, but a house of tissue paper!

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that the History Channel is now a part of the grand conspiracy?


1) stop smoking dope!


2) resume taking your anti-psychotic meds.


3) don't reproduce and propagate your 70 IQ.

Anonymous said...

well done anonymous above, no fact, just insults. If you think that PM was a debunking of the truth about 911 then you are the one that needs mental help. You are the one with an IQ the size of a raisin. Just go back to sleep now all must be well in your little world.

Anonymous said...

When you create your own reality as Bush does, all is well in the world. Bush says he sleeps very well. Iraq is showing progress, remember? If he says it, it magically happens and it makes it true.

I spoke with a woman I have known for a few years who has always been a Bush supporter, and admires Chertoff (why - she did not say, I did not ask and cannot imagine), but we were talking about the economic fallout from the subprime lending and I said I thought we had not felt the worst of it yet, and she said I needed to quit listening to all the negative that is out there. She prefers to read the Washington Post that sugar coats her world thus making the medicine go down easier.

Create your own reality now at your own expense later.

faithful forever

Anonymous said...

Truth or hack job??

Truth. Duh.

PursuingTruth said...

to the Anonymous troll.
Since you don't know how to engage in intelligent discourse, everything else you say will be deleted. I will leave up what you have already written as it very well displays your true nature. You claim to love America, but unfortunately you just don't love Americans.
We have no problem with exploring the real questions raised on this subject, but all you know how to do is attack the messenger and mock and call names. If you had the truth you would have no problem trying to point out the error of our ways as we have done by displaying not only the evidence but the motive. You on the other hand don't even know what PM has to say on the questions I raised. You just want to hide behind mama PM's apron and yell "go away mean bad people, you are upsetting my version of reality". If what you have is the truth, it will stand, if it is a lie, it will crumble just like the twin towers. You will see soon enough, and may have all eternity to pay for your arrogance.
FF; "Troofer" is the way people his age say the word "truther"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, pursuingtruth, and the smile!

faithful forever