Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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Showing of 911 Mystries-Demolitions
Sunday, Oct 29, at 1:30
Cameron Village Public Library-- 1930 Clark Ave
Raleigh NC -- Room 202

In Durham ---
Beyond Ideology: Confronting Aggression PeacefullyA forum to confront war apathy and spark coalition formation amongmembers of a diverse antiwar/propeace movement, including bothpacifists and noninterventionists.
WHEN: THIS Sunday (29th) 3-5 PM
WHERE: Duke University White Lecture Hall (107), East Campus
Featured speakers:
Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.comJustin Raimondo is uncompromising in his belief that initiatory war iswrong, immoral, and counterproductive, that a small group ofneoconservatives in both major American political parties has beenresponsible for "lying us into war" repeatedly, and that the ideals ofthe Old Right conservative movement have been consistently sold outsince around the time of the Vietnam war, when neoconservatives unitedwith religious conservatives to pursue an expansive foreign policy,often in support of the country of Israel.

Stanley Hauerwas of Duke Divinity SchoolStanley Hauerwas is a United Methodist theologian and ethicist who iscurrently the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at DukeDivinity School. In his career, he has attempted to emphasize theimportance of virtue and character within the Church. He has been anoutspoken Christian pacifist and has promoted nonviolence. Hauerwashas also been an opponent of nationalism, particularly Americanpatriotism, arguing that it has no place in the Church.Signifigant participation will be encouraged from the audience
Moderator: Mike Munger, Chair, Department of Political Science, Duke UniversityRepresentatives of the Libertarian Party of NC and the NC Green Partywill speak about the importance of alternative political parties tothe peace movement and how ballot access restrictions in NC havecrippled efforts to speak out effectively against the war.

The forum will be followed by a screening of
America From Freedom to Facism,
Aaron Russo's filmabout the destruction of the American Republic
FREE -----AT 5:00 PM at the same location given above

Sponsored by the Libertarian Party of NC

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