Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This month's issue of Vanity Fair has an awesome article on Loose Change that includes many strong talking points on the 9/11 deception. This is a major breakthough for us as a movement due to the fact that this is a major mainstream publication. This is all the more reason to believe our cause to challenge the official lie and expose the real agenda behind the attacks can and will win out over the monstrous evil which staged this New Pearl Harbor upon us. Get a copy to show people who have resisted this information. http://www.911podcasts.com/files/documents/vflc_screenshots.pdf

Know the truth and it shall set you free...
Rebecca Cerese, a documentary filmmaker, and concerned citizen of the US, is holding a presentation about 9/11 on July 18th at 7pm at the Durham Library and would love it if you could come. She has been researching the events of 9/11 for over a year and recently attended a very informative conference in Chicago, where over 500 people gathered to talk about these issues. After this presentation, we think you will agree that the only conspiracy theory is the "official story" where 19 Arab hijackers were able to outsmart the multi billion dollar American Defense System. Our hope is to begin a real dialogue about what happened that day, so that we can begin to heal as a people and a country, and take our country back, from the ideologues who have hijacked it. This year marks the 5th Anniversary of these tragic events. We owe it to ourselves, and the people who have died, and who continue to die because of policies enacted after 9/11 to explore this issue in depth. Below you will find the details about this presentation. I really hope to see you there. Please post this far and wide, and pass on to anyone who might be interested.
NC 9/11 Truth Tuesday, July 18, 7pm - September 11th changed everything. Come find out what scholars, scientists and others have discovered, as we closely examine the official report as well as the forensic and scientific questions that have never been answered about the events that occurred that day. Please bring an open mind. Together we can spread the word, and get a new independent investigation. Durham County Main Library, Main Auditorium 300 North Roxboro Street Durham, NC 27701, 919-560-0100
Contact Rebecca Cerese at 824-0811 or rcerese@mindspring.com for more information


Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch
Bull-Goose Loonie & Fascist Billionaire Extraordinaire
Fox News

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

It has come to my attention that one of your announcers, Bill O’Reilly,
has stated on national television that he would like to see me murdered
and thrown into Boston Harbor.

Since I get so many email death threats I can’t keep track of them
(among the 10% of my 9/11-related emails that are negative) this is a
pretty inflammatory thing to say. If anything were to happen to me, Fox
News would find itself facing the mother of all lawsuits, and my family
might very well end up in control of the Murdoch fortune. You may wish
to consider urging your friends in the White House to offer me Secret
Service protection. Please assign me the guy who said “we’re out of
here” to Bush when the second plane hit the building at 9:04 – not the
higher-up who overruled him and kept Bush reading about pet goats while
our nation was allegedly under surprise attack. See:
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/9-11secretservice.htmlThe Secret
Service agent who said “we’re out of here” before being overruled was
honest. That’s the guy I want protecting my life.

Also, you might want to tell O’Reilly that HE'S the one who should
worry about ending up in Boston Harbor. 9/11 was an act of high treason
and mass murder, and media figures complicit in the cover-up will be
viewed, a few years hence, the way we now view Dr. Goebbels.

The last time a bunch of empire-builders tried to trample on our
rights, we had a little uprising called the American Revolution. It’s
time for another one. Let’s kick it off with another Boston Tea Party—a
little red-white-and-blue version of V-for-Vendetta—and throw the whole
Fox News crew, along with the traitors in this administration, straight
into Boston Harbor.


Kevin Barrett
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Edgewood College of Madison

BLKNIGHT18 said...


Daniel Ellsberg Comes Out for 9/11 Truth
Daniel Ellsberg is the guy who leaked the "Pentagon Papers" which exposed the government's lies about the Vietnam war. He has tremendous credibility as a whistleblower.

In an interview with Jack Blood on the Alex Jones show, Ellsberg said:

He believes many of the claims concerning government involvement in 9/11 are credible

"Very serious questions have been raised about what they [U.S. government officials] knew beforehand and how much involvement there might have been"

Engineering 9/11 would not be humanly or psychologically beyond the scope of the current administration

There's enough evidence to justify a new, "hard-hitting" investigation into 9/11 with subpoenas issued

He also said that the next false flag incident in the U.S. -- or an American attack on Iran -- will wipe out the bill of rights, usher in a police state and leave a lot of dissenters and Arabs in America in detainment camps.

Anonymous said...

you guys are the biggest losers