Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!"

If you think things are going badly in Iraq,and George W. Bush is a dummy, than you are more deceived than you thought. The Corporate Media has done their job. See "Orwell Rolls in His Grave".

Things are going exactly like they wanted in Iraq, they have created a failed state. Things are chaotic. If we had gone in and settled things and brought a democracy, then we would have had no excuse to stay. We knew that the age old factions in Iraq could be reignited by a few events, like blowing the "Golden Masque". Now we can justify our occupation and control of their Oil reserves.
Bush seems to have been smart enough to deceive people into thinking he is dumb, while centering more power in the office of the White House then has ever been imagined. Everything is in place for Marshal Law.

"9/11 Changed everything" is a Lie!!! It had all been planned before hand.!!!!

Have a look at these videos
EXPOSED: Bush Planned on Invading Iraq Before 9/11-
Part 1
Part 2

Ralph Nader: "Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!"

U.S. Congressman John Olver (D-MA) said recently that he
"is deeply concerned whether we will actually have an election in Nov. '08, as he believes this administration will likely strike Iran from the air, declare a national emergency, and cancel the '08 elections".
As Ralph Nader describes it, Olver and the rest of Congress are afraid that -- if Bush or Cheney are impeached -- they might declare martial law and suspend the 2008 elections:

Video: 3:30

House Subcommittee Presentation Equates 9/11 Truth With Terrorism
Represents the internet, sites such as myspace and youtube as a virtual terror training camps.

A House Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on "Terrorism and the Internet" held last week, and broadcast on C-Span, featured a panel of "experts", including representatives formerly of the RAND Corporation and the Simon Wiesenthal Center who presented 9/11 truth websites sites alongside sites that celebrate the attacks and offer training in terrorist tactics.
The hearing was chaired by Democratic Rep. Jane Harman, and ranking Republican, Rep. Dave Reichert. It was supposed to focus on the use of the internet by "home grown terrorist recruiters" yet in a shocking move it blatantly related the 9/11 truth movement with so called radical "jihadists".

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention BillViolent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (Referred to Senate Committee after being Received from House)
404 Congressional Representatives Directly Violated their Oath to Uphold the U.S. Constitution Did RAND Corporation Pen the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act?


Anonymous said...

Top police officer warns that nuclear attack is inevitable

Scotland must prepare for ‘absolute terror’

The Sunday Herald

A NUCLEAR attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned.

Ian Dickinson, who leads the police response to chemical, biological and nuclear threats in Scotland, has painted the bleakest picture yet of the dangers the world now faces.

Efforts to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining materials that could be made into radioactive dirty bombs - or even crude nuclear explosives - are bound to fail, he said. And the result will be horror on an unprecedented scale.

"These materials are undoubtedly out there, and undoubtedly will end up in terrorists' hands, and undoubtedly will be used by terrorists some time soon," he declared. "We must plan for failure and prepare for absolute terror."

Dickinson is assistant chief constable with Lothian and Borders Police, and has responsibility through the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland for protecting Scotland from chemical and nuclear attacks. He has been closely involved in co-ordinating the country's counter-terrorism response.

He said: "An incident will continue for days and all the public will see is people dying without reason. What will we do when our children come home from school with blisters on their skin and their parents don't know what to do?

"What happens if 10 deaths, 50 deaths, 100 deaths start occurring in an unconnected and random way all over the country? The public will be rightly and understandably terrified."

Casualties caused by radiation, which most people don't understand, would trigger widespread "panic and fear", said Dickinson. And the response of the emergency services "would be chaotic" because of a shortage of resources.

The police capability for dealing with the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threat - known as CBRN - needs to be increased, he argued. "I haven't got as many officers with protective equipment as I would like," he added. "We must prepare for the worst."

Dickinson delivered his dire warnings to an international conference in Edinburgh last week. More than 300 experts from 70 countries were taking part in a high-level meeting organised by the UN International Atomic Energy Agency on the risks of nuclear terrorism.

The police response to a CBRN incident when it happened would have a "profound effect on our communities which should not be underestimated", he said. The protective clothing that officers would have to wear would look "terrifying".

As Dickinson made the point in his speech on Wednesday, one of his fellow police officers appeared dramatically on the stage dressed head to toe in a regulation black protection suit. With his face completely obscured by a gas mask, the officer then walked slowly through the delegates seated in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Decontamination after a radiation attack would be an "enormous cost", Dickinson contended. It would far exceed the multi-million pound bill for cleaning up the 50 premises contaminated with polonium-210 after the poisoning of the former KGB agent, Alexander Litvinenko, in London last year.

There would also be a huge drain on resources from having to reassure many people who were unharmed but worried. The additional monitoring and clean-up work would be "a major problem", he said.

Worldwide efforts to stem the spread of radioactive materials by the governments represented at the conference were vital, Dickinson concluded. "But the sad fact is that your work will fail."

Dickinson's nightmare analysis was backed up by Dr Frank Barnaby, a nuclear consultant who used to work at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire. "The amazing thing is that this hasn't happened already," he told the Sunday Herald.

"We should expect it any minute. It's an obvious thing for a terrorist to do. A primitive nuclear explosion would simply eliminate the centre of a city like Glasgow or Edinburgh."

The Edinburgh conference heard a series of other warnings about the risks of radioactive materials being stolen and used to cause devastation.

"As the terrorists look for the next spectacular attack, we know that al-Qaeda in Iraq is calling on nuclear scientists to join in the jihad," said William Nye, director of counter-terrorism and intelligence at the Home Office in London.

Richard Hoskins, from the International Atomic Energy Agency's Office of Nuclear Security in Vienna, revealed that there had been 1266 confirmed incidents in which radioactive materials had been stolen or lost around the world since 1993.

Most involved radiation sources that could be made into dirty bombs, although in 18 instances small amounts of bombs-grade uranium or plutonium had been seized.

Anonymous said...

It is my humble opinion that articles such as this based on the interviews taken and the conferences reported on are, meant merely to set the stage for the next – “spectacular event”.

So that when it happens – Joe average idiot who still believes in the official “story” of 911 will say…oh yeah, I’m not surprised…they’ve been telling us that “Al-Quaeda in Iraq” wanted to do this….all hail the great Bush/Cheney and their response of nuclear war with Iran and martial law here in the new nation of North America.

The stage is being set folks. We are being warned. And please always know that they can tell when it’s coming and will even know exactly who did it, ten minutes after it happened, but can they ever prevent one of these things….as Amy Winehouse would say……no.

The attack is coming folks and how do we know…because the people who are supposed to prevent it are telling you that it’s going to happen. That is always the best harbinger in these situations. They are also giving themselves future cover, for you (just) know…once again…it will be no one’s fault. It could not have been prevented, and this time…there will be NO questioning of the story; period

Anonymous said...

Good information here for all to see, but many still will not see the truth of the situation we are currently witnessing.

Things are going along well for the illuminati, that's why GWB proclaimed the surge was working, it was working, after higher casualties on both sides were reported. He really meant it. The bigger the know.

The saying 'better days ahead' takes on a new meaning these days as we look forward to the return of our Savior.

The whole world seems to know we are on the edge. Thanks for that article from the Sunday Herald, anonymous. People will begin to panic before something happens though if they spread too much fear.

NO questioning and absolute silence will be main requirements to escape the gulag. An underground grass roots movement, a revolution...what will our world become? These are going to be the hardest of times while being the most blessed times. I pray for all His believers to endure to the end to help fight this battle being waged before us and bring light to this darkening world for His glory.

Stay prepared in your faith. It appears the evil one's grasp is tightening. It is no longer a question of if something bigger is going to happen, it is merely a matter of when. The collective feeling/impression/expression seems to be growing in unison that they - the evil forces - are ready for their next phase and all the world lies in wait and watches. It is an utterly helpless situation that is bringing the world to its knees. But shortly after a trumpet from Heaven will blow and every knee shall bow for a much better reason. Our Lord Jesus Christ. What is to fear? I do not look forward to witnessing death and destruction as the Iraqis have been having to do, but we must endure. We simply must and we will. With His help and guidance, anything is possible. The light, the light, the light, will shine brighter than the darkness is dark. Focus on the light, always.

Love, faithful forever

Anonymous said...

It is very important to "redeem the time for the days are evil".

The gov't (New World Order) will do as it may -- and it is up to each individual to make peace with their Maker! If you are not a lover of the truth, II Thessalonians 2 says that you will be deluded with a STRONG DELUSION.
Pray to not be deceived --

Anonymous said...

Sounds right to me. My friend Jim S. and I have been discussing what is
"incompetence" and what is part of "the plan" for more than 3 years.
Chaos is most certainly part of the plan, as is permanent occupation of
Iraq, both for control of its own oil and for its strategic position
especially w/r/t other oil reserves, but also for regional dominance.
I have no doubt that Shrub is stupid, an enthusiastic pawn for those who
have cultivated and used him all his life, rewarding him richly for his services--his father included. He is just smart enough to know which side his bread is buttered on.


Anonymous said...

The peace conference is working its' magic before it even begins; declare it a success:

And Israel is practicing war games (we all know the dangers that can lead to):

Stay watchful always.
faithful forever

faithful forever

Anonymous said...

Was anyone aware that Israel has experienced three earthquakes in the last week?

faithful forever

Anonymous said...

If anyone gets a chance to watch DemocracyNow! with Amy Goodman's late broadcast today (28th) it will be time well spent. The interview with author Naomi Wolf is very interesting. She mentions that the national watch list for american terrorists has grown from 45,000 to 775,000 in the last few months which must be a result of increased surveillance - feel safer? Great interview about Naomi's new book that placed her back on the watch list and is on the best seller list. Ten Steps to Fascism. I think we must be on the 11th step...with the full effects to follow soon just as the author of this blog is trying so diligently to point out. And doing a great job at it; your effort is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Firefighters - who thought of this?

It is worse than we imagined, and we imagined it to be pretty bad: